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We stand in solidarity with all of our friends and family members who may be susceptible to the current public health concerns and have elected to modify our Sunday Services meeting in person and on Zoom. You can also view past Sunday services by clicking on the button below.   

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Hatred of any kind will possess your heart, Love on the other hand, will possess your entire being, right to your very soul...which would you choose.

Open and Affirming Sunday - June 27th

Join with us as we reaffirm our covenant

United Church of the Valley Covenant

"We, the congregation of the United Church of the Valley, Murrieta, declare ourselves to be Open and Affirming.

As such, we strive to be a congregation that welcomes all persons, regardless of age; mental and physical health and ability; racial, ethnic and cultural identity or background; economic, educational, and social status; sexual orientation, gender identity and its expression; marital status and family structure; or faith background.

We welcome all to share in the life, leadership, ministry, fellowship, worship, sacraments, stewardship, responsibilities, blessings and joys of our congregation’s life in Christ."



There’s a fresh wind blowing in the Murrieta/Temecula Valley. It is the wind of openness and inclusiveness, the fresh breeze of a community built upon an affirmation approach to life which respects the customs and integrity of all persons. This fresh wind is called United Church of the Valley. This church comes from a tradition of calling and gathering God’s people to respond to the world with new eyes and new hearts. It is a church of vision and involvement. We unashamedly work hand in hand with our God to dismantle the fences which have been erected between people. We follow God’s vision of a just world where all will live peacefully, growing in their concern for each other.

Farewell to our Brother Otoniel

Right after worship yesterday we got a call from Nicaragua with the very sad news that Otoniel, the talented marimba player that many of us have known, passed away on Saturday night. Otoniel was an amazing musician, not only immensely gifted but a wealth of knowledge of Nicaraguan folkloric music. All of Nicaragua has lost a national treasure. Otoniel has been quite sick for some time.

His family is asking for assistance with his end of life expenses including substantial medical bills instead of flowers. The need is urgent. If you wish to make a donation on Venmo just earmark it for Otoniel. Please do it soon.

I’ve known Otoniel for close to 10 years. He built the marimba that UCV bought for the Music program in Chacraseca and came every summer to work with the Music Camp. A few years ago he was part of the team that came to CA. He did an assembly at Great Oak HS and wonderful concerts at the Lindsley’s home and for UCV.

Otoniel was a colleague and friend. Over the years when he was experiencing one or another health emergency, we would trade funds for meds for going to Chacraseca (a long, dusty 2 1/2 hr bus ride to work with the kids there.

The Difficult Question

We now have a place where difficult and uncomfortable questions can be asked. Where the questions, opinions, ideas, suggestions, "answers" will not be judged right or wrong. The only “Rule” would be that all discussions be done in love, with compassion and without judgement. This will be a safe place for those seeking input, insight and discussion on perhaps awkward and/or difficult questions. Please contact Deb Hudson if you have any questions about the group. Tuesdays 6pm - 7pm

I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.
~~Richard P. Feynman~~

Look below to see what people are saying.

“In so many groups there is an agenda or parameters for the discussion. The Difficult Questions group is one of a kind specifically designed for open and free discussion of any topic of concern to a participant. The only requirement is that each person’s opinions be treated with respect. It is a great relief to me to be able to express myself freely and to receive caring and thoughtful responses. I look forward each week to enriching my life as I interact with the other group members." ...Joan Thompson

"I have been participating in The Difficult Questions group since its inception and am so grateful for its creation. The thing I love most about it is the sense of community it fosters. In order for true community to happen trust, intimacy, and vulnerability must be present but those are often scary things in this crazy world of ours. The Difficult Questions group creates a safe place to question, discuss, and listen and as a result connections are made with participants in a deep yet organic way that defy much of what the world has to offer these days. I believe it is these connections that bring healing and allow us to minister to one another in more authentic and effective ways, even if it’s just sitting with each other’s questions." ...Jen Zechlin

"The Difficult Questions group has been such a lovely addition to my life. My friend invited me and I was not certain how I would be received because I am not an attendee at UCV, though I have visited a couple of times. What I found with this group of remarkable women is safety. I am currently de/reconstructing a lot of what I have thought to be true about faith and community and Church. The discussions we have allow for a freedom that is not found in many "churchy" circles, even those with the best of intentions. The questions raised are challenging and thoughtful and honest. Questions are welcomed, challenging what is is welcomed, embracing a different perspective is welcomed. There is room for the unknown and the mystery of our lives in this space. In a world that often demands that we choose or know with absolute confidence...this freedom of unknowing is an unexpected gift!" ...Nerni Miller

UCV Church Directory Request

Our very own Deb Hudson is working on an update for the UCV Church Directory. If you would be so kind as to help her out by clicking on the button below and filling out the short form and then hitting send. Thank you for helping, this will be ever so helpful to us all.

H8 Crimes

We, the members of the United Church of the Valley, stand against racism, discrimination, and bigotry in any form. According to Stop AAPI Hate, there were approximately 2,800 acts of hate and bias targeting Asian Americans since the national emergence of COVID-19 in March 2020. The acts of hate are not limited to Asian Americans of one particular ethnicity. An 84-year-old Thai grandfather was fatally attacked while on his morning walk in San Francisco. A 91-year-old Chinese man was attacked in Oakland.

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Our monthly newsletter is a great way to stay current with the happenings at the United Church of the Valley. You'll have a calendar of events, when the Sunday service will be and how to access it via Zoom, who may need a bit of prayer, and what is available in our boutique.

How We Minister

At United Church of the Valley we don't utilize a full time minister, but rather a rotating group of ministers who are creative thinkers. During the course of a month you might see the Rev. Sharon Graff, Rev. Stephanie Toon, Lee Eddy, Sandy Selby or Darcie Dunlop behind the pulpit. We enjoy a different approach as seen through a different pair of eyes each week. Not only does it keep us on our toes, but it keeps our minds fresh and open to new ideas and a new way of seeing that, which we have looked at the same way for years.

April 25th we will hold Sunday service at 9am live in the parking lot in front of our church building. We will also be live on zoom.
Our address is 41685 Date St. in Murrieta

June 20th - Rev. Stephanie Toon

Stephanie was a United Methodist minister for 18 years serving churches in Dallas, Costa Mesa, Orange and Murrieta. Her passion in ministry is social justice. She has gone on over 30 mission trips in her life. Her current ministry is teaching history at a Title 1 high school in Perris. Stephanie is married to Adriana and has two young children, Lily & Lincoln.

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A Look Back at the Prayers & Squares Ministry 2020

"Celebrating first half-year of UCV Prayers and Squares Chapter 1295, our outreach comfort-quilt ministry!"

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