Backpack Program

The United Church of the Valley is derived from the Congregationalist tradition and we have a long history of supporting education. For the past 5 years, we have donated backpacks full of school supplies and a note of support to foster children, who are among the least educated subgroup in our country. With a realization that education and knowledge are power, UCV provides these educational instruments so some of our most vulnerable individuals may realize their potential. These backpacks are blessed during a Sunday Service in August, when our congregation acknowledges the hard work and dedication of educators and offers a blessing to all students returning to school. 


Murrieta United Methodist Church Food Bank

United Church of the Valley supports the Food Pantry which is located at the Murrieta United Methodist Church. We are proud of the fact that the pantry hands out food to any individual in need (average of 150 families per week)...no names or questions asked. The food is distributed every Friday morning. We are able to touch lives in profound ways and meet some wonderful people.   

Chacraseca, Nicaragua

During the 11 years we have been in partnership with JustHope, this poor rural community and we have built ten homes for families living in dire conditions. In 2018, while we were unable to travel to Nicaragua due to political unrest in the country, we were still able to share the expense of a house with another group in Florida providing a family with a sturdy cement house complete with cement floor, latrine and a green stove, a healthier alternative to the normal wood-burning stoves. 

This year, even though we couldn’t lead a team to Nicaragua, our friends in Florida have asked us if we would again share the expenses of building a house with their group. In the midst of finally starting to move into a home of our own, we haven’t had much opportunity to raise awareness of the needs for funds for a house. The Martinez family got the ball rolling by hosting a church garage sale at their home. Now, we need donations to provide another Nicaraguan family with a home of their own. Please write “Nica” on the memo line of your check.


Congregational Care Group

We are volunteers who serve UCV in a variety of ways, according to our skills and abilities. We keep in touch with those who cannot make the journey to church every Sunday and keep the congregation aware and updated. We visit people in the hospital and at their homes when they are ill. We arrange transportation, provide meals, and offer encouragement and support to those in need. We are a lay ministry providing spiritual counseling for anyone who requests it.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is a type of counseling that focuses on a person's spiritual side. This lay ministry provides one-on-one, confidential, spiritually-centered care for anyone who has questions about faith or spirituality, or anyone who needs support through a challenging time, such as:

  • The loss of a job, relationship, or loved one
  • The birth or adoption of a new child
  • Or any other difficult hurdle on the journey of life.

Spiritual counselors are trained in providing spiritual care, maintaining boundaries and confidentiality, and recognizing mental health issues that require professional intervention.

End of Life Care

End of life care is intended to help the person and their family during this difficult time of transition. Services provided are chosen by the person in transition, or if that person is unable to communicate, by a loved one designated as their emergency contact. In addition to the congregational care services mentioned above, the following spiritual services are offered by our Spiritual Counselors:

  • Spiritual counseling
  • Bedside prayer
  • Anointing

Memorial planning services are provided by the minister presiding over the service. Use of United Church of the Valley facilities are governed by the facility usage policy.

Volunteer With Us

United Church of the Valley works diligently to meet the ever changing needs of the communities in which we live. We believe we are called to continue the work of our Jesus Christ in this world.


We have several volunteer programs in our area that need your help:

Border Crisis

If you are concerned about the humanitarian crisis that is occurring at the U.S.-Mexican border with individuals seeking asylum, you can make a financial contribution to assist in purchasing tents, blankets, food, milk and clothing for the children. The Romero Center for Border Ministries, a recognized ministry of the Southern Association of the SCNC is working with other churches in Tijuana to distribute these items. You can make a contribution to the SCNC, UCC designated for the Border Crisis. Your support is appreciated. Items will not be allowed through customs at the border.  All items will have to be purchased in Tijuana, Mexico.

Animal Friends of the Valleys

Murrieta United Methodist Food Pantry

Habitat For Humanity Inland Valley

Project T.O.U.C.H.

Acting to overcome homelessness in the Temecula area

Rancho Damacitas

Working to break the generational cycle of abuse and poverty by empowering at-risk, single mothers with young children and individuals with a history of foster care or child abuse.



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