Sunday Service – July 12th (We Will Be Live at 10am)

Our topic is Peace: The Power of Prayer. We will be talking about how prayer can bring us peace by connecting us to the divine source of love within each of us. Our scripture is Psalm 119:105-109. We will be using the reinterpretation of that psalm as found in Praying the Psalms by Nan C. Merrill. Merrill rewrote each psalm to reflect the reciprocity of divine love. She removes the patriarchy, fear, guilt and competition with the other that is so prevalent in the Hebrew psalms. Here is our scripture passage:

Yes, Your truth is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. You give me strength as I descend into the inner sanctum, to uncover the hidden blessings, to seek the treasures of the Spirit. When I am filled with fear, I meditate upon your Light. I yearn to have every fear quelled and transformed; O, Heart of all hearts, bless me with your healing Light, that I may be a loving presence.

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