Jan. 2021 Church Council Meeting Minutes



January 4, 2020



PRESENT:  Lynne Bradley, Sandy Selby, Jamie Barnett, Darcie Dunlop

                    Deb Hudson, Sherian Spencer, Ruth Sharp & Ruth Dunlop


  1. CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order at 6:04 pm, by Sandy, on Zoom


  1. CHECK-IN, INVOCATION & MOMENT OF MEDITATIONS: Brief check-in was done. Darcie conducted the invocation.


  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: December minutes were not approved. Deb had not completed them.  Will be sent out to be approved for Feb Meeting.


  1. REPORTS: Because it was decided that reports would only be required after each quarter. The only exception to this is Finance.  All reports will be submitted each month and be ready for discussion.


  1. Financials:

            December financial reports were submitted by Darcie.  Proposed 2021 Budget was finalized and approved to be sent to congregation.  We made the decision that the council would revisit the 2021 Budget after the 1st quarter…April’s Council Meeting.


  1. Nominating Committee: Lengthy discussion regarding Kerry being nominated for the Treasurer. No one doubted her integrity, but there was discussion regarding the ‘appearance’ of conflict of interest being that she is married to our finance secretary. Darcie did say that although she had requested to step down, she would be willing to continue if the issue wasn’t able to be resolved.  The council unanimously agreed that we would leave Kerry on the ballot and be that it would be openly discussed at the Annual Meeting prior to the vote.  Ruth Dunlop also said that she was open to stepping down, as she has applied to 2 out of state colleges.  She agreed to continue until such time that she was able.


  1. Check Out: Check out done by Sandy                                                  
  2. Next Meeting:  The next Council meeting will be February 1st  at 6pm.
  3. Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at ?:?? pm.

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