February 2021 Church Council Meeting Minutes



February 1, 2021



PRESENT:  Lynne Bradley, Sandy Selby, Jamie Barnett, Kerry Keester-Wellman,

                    Deb Hudson, Sherian Spencer, Ruth Sharp & Rick Hayden


  1. CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order at 6:08 pm, by Sandy, on Zoom


  1. CHECK-IN, INVOCATION & MOMENT OF MEDITATIONS: Brief check-in was done. Sandy conducted the invocation.


Check-in was titled: Dreams for 2021

        Sandy            Fully Integrated Worship

Deb                 More personal connections with members/friends

Jamie             A glimpse of living within our means

Ruth               More diversity

Kerry               Health & wholeness for our community at large

Rick                Share our “Beloved Community” with the entire community

Lynne             Just Peace – Further in our community

Sherian          To finally be together in our new building with all of our partners


  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Ruth moved and Jamie 2nd to approve January minutes. Yay = 7 Abstention = 1  Kerry requested that minutes be sent to entire congregation.  There was discussion about so much being emailed to folks and decided that we could link it to either Moderator Monday and/or Thursday Thoughts as well as the website.  It was discussed that minutes need to be approved by Council before that happens.  It was agreed that the minutes would be completed and sent to Council for email approval.  After they were approved, Deb would send to Rick Hayden so that he could link it on the website.


  1. REPORTS: Because it was decided that reports would only be required after each quarter. The only exception to this is Finance.  All reports will be submitted each month and be ready for discussion.


  1. DATE STREET ASSOCIATION: Deb reported on the 2 Association Board meetings held in January. The current property management company is no longer going to be in operation.  The owners have been given until March 1st to find a replacement.  The Board will be interviewing several other management companies and a decision will be made in February. Lots of discussion regarding the Trash fines, by the city, and that Owners will be fined if found to be at fault.  Also discussion regarding the overall look of the outside of our buildings…paint & landscaping specifically.





  1. Financials:

            January financial reports were submitted by Kerry.  Discussion regarding the 2021 Budget. Expenses were discussed in detail.  There was a short discussion regarding accounts and matching up Servant Keeper & Quick Books.  Sandy suggested that Kerry, Ray, Deb & herself have a meeting. There was serious discussion regarding the payment of visiting pastors. It was suggested that we either reduce the amount and/or stop paying them. There was a lot of resistance to that suggestion and was left as is for now.  Ways to increase income were also discussed.  Kerry suggested that Pei Ling do a weekly 90 minute concert via Zoom.  At the end we could perhaps handle it like PBS, asking for donations.  Perhaps have a ‘Gifting Party’ for UCV, where gifts of reams of paper, stamps, printer ink, etc were given (perhaps at Christmas or Anniversary).  A suggestion of a “Mother’s Day Tea”.  Kerry also suggested a Zoom “Children’s Hour” on a day/time different than Sunday Service.  That papers could be emailed out ahead of time for an activity.  The Music Concert & Children’s Hour would be away to reach out to the community and justify the cost of these two ministries.


  1. Remodeling Budget: Discussion regarding expenses that are outstanding and work bids waiting to be approved.

1) Reimburse Sandy for the purchase of the 2 TV’s in sanctuary  $ 1,023.35

2) Reimburse Ruth for the purchase of all the cables for TV’s       $    200.00

3) Approve Ruth’s bid for finishing the large kitchen & floor           $  3,800.00

4) Approve Ruth’s bid for finishing the small kitchen                      $  1,000.00


Deb moved and Jamie 2nd.  1 & 2 were unanimously approved

3 & 4 were approved Yay = 7   Abstention = 1 Ruth abstained because of conflict of interest.




  1. Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) Discussion was regarding if we should actually apply. Sandy has all the paperwork filled out but has not submitted until Council votes. Sandy informed us that the amount would be the same as the first one $14,000. There was much discussion with some not wanting to mix ‘church/state’, concern over possible tax implications and just general ‘ethics’ of accepting the money.  With Deb moving and Ruth 2nd council voted Yay =  7  Nay = 1 Sandy was given the ok to submit the paperwork.


  1. Next Meeting: The next Council meeting will be March 1  at 6pm.


  1. Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

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