Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Cooking Classes Ages 8 - 18

Monday and Tuesday  10am - 12am

Class Description: Beginner class- cooking basics with cutting and measuring skills and learning to read a recipe. Easy recipes for all ages and experience.

Intermediate classes- more experienced techniques For mid level recipes. Some cooking/ baking experience recommended.

Advanced classes- experienced skills recommended. Advanced level cooking and baking recipes.

Week 1 Recipes (Beginner): Quesadillas, Muddy Buddies, Scrambled Eggs, Pancakes
Week 2 Recipes (Intermediate): Taco Soup, Fudge Brownies, Fruit Pizza, Soft Pretzels
Week 3 Recipes (Advanced): Chicken Lasagna Rolls and Breadsticks, Sweet and Savory Crepes


Materials Required: Supply list for recipes TBD. All students should have a knife and cutting board, mixing bowl, mixing spoon, measuring cups and spoons, access to a stove and oven. All students should have hair pulled back if possible so it’s out of their face.

Instructor: Mary Hesse

I first fell in love with cooking and baking in high school where I took a basic cooking course. I practiced at home with nightly dinners and baking experiments. I carried my love and expertise into adulthood and began designing and decorating formal cakes for events. I love hosting parties and creating menus to share.



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