"I get by with a little help from my friends..."  The Youth Group leading service with Lee & Jamie helping with music.  Thanks to all the kids' hard work they led a wonderfully meaningful worship service.  YOU GUYS ROCK!!  02/11/18

Honoring all of our students and teachers at the Blessing of the Backpacks -- Aug 13, 2017


UCV's amazing kids honoring Archie on Memorial Day.  Thanks to Irene & Rocio for putting together such a great tribute! May 28, 2017

Lee Eddy reminding us that we need to draw lines around us, not lines between us...


"Why do Jesus, Moses, Buddha and Mohammed cross the road?... To get to the other!" (not a typo)  -- May 21, 2017

Jamie Barnett sharing his talent with the congregation and reminding us...


"When the light touches land

Over sea, over sand

When each day has begun

We are one


Where the earth touches sky

We are born, we all die

Where the clear waters run

We are one, we are one"  -- May 21, 2017

Holly Rolfe celebrating the love of our furrier friends at the Blessing of the Animals service -- May7, 2017


Chaplain Candi Wuhrman helping UCV honor Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Chaplain Candi shared her own family's history in one of the concentration camps.

Kerry Keester-Wellman remembering the genocides post WWII as documented by the Alliance for Human Rights and Global Peace -- April 30, 2017

Holly Rolfe encouraged us into "Giving up Judgment for Lent" on April 2, 2017.  She reminded us we need to listen to understand, not to be understood.

Lee is wearing an amazing hand made stole from Women of Stitching Hope.  The women learn the advanced fabric art techniques to help them overcome the unimagineable obstacles they face in developing a creative, growing and sustainable enterprise that will help them feed their families.  Each of the intricately stitched stoles are mde from their beautiful hand-painted fabrics. 


Because there are few marketing opportunities in Nicaragua, the second-most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere, the women of Stitching Hope and In Stitches:  Center for Liturgical Art partner to bring this beautiful art to churches around the world.


This particular stole is called the Kin-dom of God.  Chacraseca, Nicaragua is an agrarian community whose name literally means "dried up banana grove", the women of Stitching Hope speak of abundance, of a place that is green rather than dusty brown.  They envision "chacraverde", a "green" community, vibrant and fruitful, with banana leaves that are lush and green.  "Kin-dom" dreams, for them, embody the fullness of all creation -- all people reconciled into community, ecological integrity and human dignity affirmed, and each person freed to become all they were created to be. 

The lush beauty of this stole, connects us with a people and place not so far away and engages the church in dreaming toward the kin-dom of God's midst. (Women of Stitching Hope website)

Our Dynamic Duo - Jamie & Lee

March 19, 2017


Steve Falgout sharing his thoughts on Science and Faith.  March 5, 2017

Craig Evans sharing "The New Jim Crow" about the institutionalization, privatization and covert "separation" of jails and schools. February 26, 2017


While the USA makes up only 5% of the world's population, we make up 25% of the incarcerated population.


He urged us to watch the Oscar-nominated documentary "The 13th" about unequal applications of the justice system regarding minorities.


Jamie and Sean Barnett sharing their talents with everyone.  Jamie's "381 Days" in honor of Rosa Park's legendary bus ride and civil disobedience act is one of the congregation's favorite.

Earl Fields sharing his unique perspective on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day.  "The Dream, the Mountain, America".

David Ruby and brother, Wesley, sharing their amazing talent with Mumford & Sons' "Awake My Soul" as David encourages us to have a Good Morning!

January 8, 2017


Holly Rolfe and Lee Eddy washing hands, sharing agape love.


January 1, 2017


Santa came to visit UCV!!