Martin Luther King Sunday 2019

     Sermon-"Illuninating New Wine"

God is the abundance of light and shines light on God's people. We recognize the abundance of God's blessings as God has implored us to live in abundance not in fear. During Jesus' time there were struggles just like now and it was difficult to beleive in miracles, just like now. We were reminded that MLK expanded the idea of miracle as he worked to open people's minds. God brings light and tells us to shine light on others.

Our Annual Chirstmas Cantada, held on December 9, 2018. This year's Christmas Cantada was remarkable, one of the best yet. Thank you to our Choir Director, Lynne Bradley.

Our own World War II Veteran and former POW, Archie Aitcheson, reminds us of the importance of Veteran's Day, November 11, 2018.

"I get by with a little help from my friends..."  The Youth Group leading service with Lee Eddy & Jamie Barnett helping with music.  Thanks to all the kids' hard work. They led a wonderfully meaningful worship service.  September 2018

While preaching in 2018, Lee Eddy wears an amazing hand made stole from Women of Stitching Hope in Nicaragua.  The women learn the advanced fabric art techniques to help them overcome the unimagineable obstacles they face in developing a creative, growing and sustainable enterprise that will help them feed their families.  Each of the intricately stitched stoles are made from their beautiful hand-painted fabrics. 


Because there are few marketing opportunities in Nicaragua, the second-most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere, the women of Stitching Hope partner to bring this beautiful art to churches around the world.


This particular stole is called the Kin-dom of God.  The women who make up Stitching Hope are from Chacraseca, Nicaragua is an agrarian community whose name literally means "dried up banana grove". The women of Stitching Hope speak of abundance, of a place that is green rather than dusty brown.  They envision "chacraverde", a "green" community, vibrant and fruitful, with banana leaves that are lush and green.  "Kin-dom" dreams, for them, embody the fullness of all creation -- all people reconciled into community, ecological integrity and human dignity affirmed, and each person freed to become all they were created to be. 

The lush beauty of this stole, connects us with a people and place not so far away and engages the church in dreaming toward the kin-dom of God. (Women of Stitching Hope website)