Music Ministry -- Lynne Bradley

As I write this article, big, exciting changes are underway.  Last Thursday at choir rehearsal, we spent much of our time sorting and packing the music library for our move to our new home!  The process has been a bit slower because we’re  going through all the music we’ve collected during our first 26 years, fixing torn folders and discarding music that isn’t suitable for UCV today—a big job, but it will feel good to have our library up to date as the files move to the beautiful built in cabinets in our new space.  


Thanks to Donna for helping sort and pack the wonderful collection of musical instruments that we have used in the children’s music programs we’ve offered in the past.  It has been sad to not have an opportunity to use them recently, but it is my great hope that once we’ve fully moved in and have programs up and running, we can find a schedule that can work to offer children’s music again—in our new Music Room!!


During the summer, starting in mid-June, we’ll start “Summer Choir”.  We won’t have weekly Thursday rehearsals, but instead we invite anyone (children thru adult) to come on Sunday at 9:30am to learn a simple song to sing during worship that day.  This is a great time for families to participate together and for those who can’t make a regular commitment to weekly rehearsals.  Also, the summer is a great time to sing—or play—song during worship.  Please talk to me if you can help.  As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, we’d love to find some instrumentalists to participate in worship (guitar, percussion for starters!)