Music Ministry

Bell ringers hard at practice for Easter!

Music in Nicaragua

By extension, our Music Ministry also reaches out to the children (and adults) in Chacraseca, Nicaragua.  For the past 8 years, several youth and adults from our congregation have been spending a week in this poor, but enthusiastic and determined, community teaching music (singing, recorder, piano/keyboard, ukulele, guitar and new last year, violin) to the children.  We've taken several instruments dontaed by UCV members and others.  Contributions from some of our congregation have been supporting the salary of a local music teacher who works with the students all year.  The people in Chacraseca are so appreciative of this program that they are interested in exploring ways that it can be made available to the entire community.  Otoniel Flores, an amazing marimba player, has worked with us in Chacraseca and has offered to help develop a community-wide program there.

Come join us!

All of our programs welcome, and need, additional participants.  As our Music Makers program expands, we hope everyone will help spread the word to neighbors and friends.  Since most schools are not able to include sacred music in their curriculum, our program provides the opportunity to pass along the great music of faith the next generation.


If you have a musical talent to share (singing in choir, ringing in hand bell choir, playing or singing a solo) -- OR if you've had the chance to make a joyful noise before, but might like to give it a try -- please contact Lynne at and we'll be excited to have you join us!