Music Ministry

Make a Joyful Noise!

Our Music Ministry program strives to provide meaningful music leadership in worship and every Sunday.


At the United Church of the Valley, we are blessed with a dedicated groud of singers who rehearse weekly and sing most Sundays during the year. It seems that regardless of the numbers, we are always able to make a joyful, and hopefully a positive contribution to worship. We are grateful to the additional singers, who though not able to commit to weekly rehearsals, join us on Sunday mornings and/ or for special events like the advent cantata.


Our annual "cantata" Sunday is always a highlight and this year was no exception. It is a special treat for the choir and hopefully also for the congregation to be joined by some fine instrumentalists. A lot of behind the scene work goes into the preparation for the cantata. Our singers spent many extra hours rehearsing. Many more hours were spent in writing the instrumental parts that our chamber orchestra played. LuAnn Carman, our talented accompanist, arranged for us to rehearse at her studio andrpovided invaluable musical support. Sandy Shelby shared in the visioning and writing of the service. Her collaboration was a blessing. And, of course, a special thanks to our wonderful narrators, Sue Bery and Lee Eddy.


We are thankful for the musicians who have shared special music with us during the year. We have enjoyed special music by our children and the very talented Abe Castro. Our Tintinnabulators , hand bell choir, is back and played several times during the year. Anyone who wants to ring a bell is welcome and reading music is not necessary.


Both the UCV Choir and Tintinnabulator participated in the celebration of UCV's 25th anniversary in September.


If you have a musical talent to share (singing in choir, ringing in hand bell choir, playing or singing a solo) -- OR if you've had the chance to make a joyful noise before, but might like to give it a try -- please contact Lynne at and we'll be excited to have you join us!