Our New Home


During 2018 we began the process of looking for a church building to purchase and we found a location at 41685 Date Street in Murrieta. As we journey through the approval process with the City of Murrieta, we are laying out plans for the interior modification and the move in general. This is a very exciting time for the UCV congregation!


The Building Committee has been hard at work making plans for signage, space planning, arranging permits, etc. We owe a great deal of thanks to Kathryn Barnett, Lynne Bradley, Debbie Hudson, Dennis Wolfe and Ruth Sharp. And of course we need to extend a HUGE thanks to  Rick Hayden and Dennis for all the time, energy and work they have put into making this happen on the logistics and legal end for over a year! 


We have started moving out of The Community House with a lot of help from Debbie Hudson, Lynne Bradley, Becky Harris, Grant Harris, Glaser Harris, Dennis Wolfe, Ruth Sharp, Ray Wellman, and Sherian Spencer.  Lynne has taken on the daunting task of purging any unnecessary music from the file cabinets (there are 5!!). Soon we will be moving the rest of the tables and chairs with the help of members of AA and we will be officially be leaving TCH and have the admin functions at our new building.


Chacraseca, Nicaragua News

During the 11 years we have been in partnership with this poor rural community, we have built ten homes for families living in dire conditions.  Last year, when we were not able to travel to Nicaragua due to political unrest in the country, we were still able to share the expense of a house with another group in Florida providing the Menendez family with a  sturdy  cement house complete with cement floor, latrine and a green stove, a healthier alternative to the normal wood-burning stoves. 


This year, even though we can’t bring a work team to Nicaragua, our friends in Florida have asked us if we would again share the expenses of building a house with their group.  In the midst of finally starting to move into a home of our own, we haven’t had much opportunity to raise awareness of the needs for funds for a house.  The Martinez family got the ball rolling by hosting a church garage sale at their home. Now, we need donations to provide another Nicaraguan family with a home of their own.  Please write “Nica” on the memo line of your check.


JustHope is cautiously optimistic that work teams can resume travel to Nicaragua in 2020 so stay tuned for more information when we know more.  In the meantime, there will be two adult-only trips planned for this summer.  The dates are June 29-July 6 and July 15-20.  If you would like more information, let Lynne Bradley know.