Our New Home


During 2018 we began the process of looking for a church building to purchase and we found a location at 41685 Date Street in Murrieta. As we journey through the approval process with the City of Murriety, we are laying out plans for the interior modification and the move in general. This is a very exciting time for the UCV Congregation.


Hopefully in 45 days the approval process will be complete so we can proceed with the purchase of our new building and move our church to a permanent location.



We believe kindness is cool 

In 2018, Parish Life provided many opportunities for the congregation to gather, socialize, fellowship, and help others. Many of our events followed traditions of years gone by and some were new.


We shared several potlucks with amazing food, friends, and conversation, and even a couple of fundraiser to help support Nicaragua and the victims of Hurricane Wilma. There was an All-Church Picnic. and a Youth hosted Christmas Party in which even Santa  visited.

In the spring we began having Saturday Game Nights at the Community House. While the group was small, it always ended up being a fun evening.


Some of the traditional events included our annual Soupler Bowl in  whicih we provided 86 food items and a cash donation of $25.  We also held our yearly Good Friday Blood Drive and together we donated 21 pints of blood to the Red Cross. (Did you know there are 32,000 pints of blood used each day in the US and every pint can save as many as 3 peole,) Kids of all ages enjoyed our traditional Easter Egg Hunt in April and the Yard Sale in May raised $725 to support our our church. Our congregation also enjoyed the Blessing of the Animals service and the Blessing of the Backpack to support Walden Foster Families. In November we also held a Thanksgiving Food Drive.


As always UCV members supported social causes by rallying against fun violence. We also enjoyed the first Pride Night at the Lake Elsinore Store Stadium game in June and then participated in the first Temecula Valalaey Pride Picnic in October, which was attended by almost 300 people.


One of the best parties that gook place this year was UCV's 25th Anniversary Celebration, where we enjoyed reminiscing about the church's history, shared in some amazing food, watched a slide show, and reconnected with our founding minister, RandyLeisey, who came all the way from Wyoming to share in the festivities.




A few other events everyone shared was Pastor Debbie's installation, a T-shirt sale to benefit the Outreach Team, Archie Aitcheson's Liberation Day celebration from a World War II POW camp, Graduate and Jusic Appreciation Sundays, the Habitat for Humanity Paint Party, Archie Aitcheson's UCC Anniversary Celebration, and a TCH Clean-Up Day.