Can you believe it’s already been a year?!  Wow!  Talk about a lot happening recently.  Great changes are in the very near future and we have the opportunity to be part of some amazing things. ? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine where UCV will be six months from now…a year. What kind of impact do you see us having on our community? Now let's turn that into reality.


We have come to that time where the Council needs to create a new fiscal year budget for 2019/2020.  That means some serious soul searching has to happen.  Our church is facing some big challenges, not the least of which are getting moved into our new FOREVER HOME and the financial questions that come with that. Rick and Sherian have joined forces to start a new Stewardship Drive which kicks off June 16th.  Their plan is to create a year-round effort to keep members up to date on the status of Stewardship for the church.  Their hope is to help create an awareness of what responsibilities the church faces on an ongoing basis.  It takes everyone!  Together we can do this! Please join us June 16th to hear all about it.