Pastor Debbie's Page

Highlights of 2018


In the Pastor's first year with UCV, she has created and led  worship services and preached three times per month. Guest speakers led worship during the pastor's absences. These speakers were from a variety of traditions including Methodist, Episcopal, and Baptist, and also included subject speakers including our own World War II vet for Veteran's Day, a GLBTQ youth for Pride Week, a Reike Healer, and our annual blessing of the animals.  In the short time the pastor has been at UCV, she has had an impact on the congregation. The pastor created a special 25th Anniversary service, which included a great deal of coordingation with participants.


As part of  Pastoral Care, Pastor Debbie also made visits to folks in the hospital, rehabilitation centers, and in their homes. The pastor conducted Christian Education programs and planned and implented a pastor's class to prepare youth for baptism.


Pastor Debbie was a voice for social justice and outreach. She joined congregants at the Temecula Duck Pond for a couple of rallies to protest immigrant families being torn apart and in support of common sense gun laws. She attended the Act to End Racism rally and conference in Washington DC as well as phone banked for Moms Demand Action. Pastor Debbie attended a Temecula conference on homelessness and regularly participated in Interfaith Council, including the annual Night of Gratitude and Night of Music. Pastor Debbie also worked on special projects for the food pantry, including  creating candy rolls for the Christmas season.


As UCV is a join UCC and DOC Congregation, there were a variety of  denominational activities in which Pastor Debbie served, including the DOC Women's Ministry board and DOC chaplain during summer camp. Pastor Debbie attended regional assembley,a  regional gathering, and the pastor's dinner. Pastor Debbie participated in a 2 day boundary training and attended a UCC Southern Association meeting and the annual gathering as well as participated in a UCC coaches training.