Stewardship is who we are, not what we have or give.  It is not just about money.  It is a way of life that acknowledges and accepts that everything we have is because of God's giving hands and we are simply managing those resources while we are here on earth.  The Bible teaches us about personal accountability to protect our future and those of our missions and to share with others.  Stewardship is a way of life based upon transformation of the heart.


Today, we partner with others to help all of God's children... whenever and wherever we can.  People give when their gifts make a difference.  Therefore, the stories of the differences our ministries make in people's lives and faithfulness; we are the embodiment of God's outreaching love.  Life and love triumph through the spirit of giving.


Stewards, according to the pastoral letter Stewardship:  A Disciple's Response, does four things:

  • receive God's gifts gratefully
  • nurture God's gifts responsibly
  • share God's gifts justly and charitably
  • return those gifts to God abundantly


A theology of stewardship looks to the future.  Our lives here on earth are relatively short.  One day we will return to the One from whom we came.


Gratitude is the cornerstone of stewardship.  God gives us our existence and talents, our time and our treasure, our family and friends.  Stewards express their gratitude by a life of generosity.


How can you learn and practice good Christian stewarship?

  • give your time, talents, and financial aid to UCV and the missions of our church
  • pray about your regular giving to God's ministry
  • remember UCV in your will or estate planning