Church Council Members

2019 Council Chairs and Appointed Positions:

  • Moderator:  Lee Eddy
  • Vice Moderator:  Terin Harris
  • Treasurer:  Michael Turner
  • Secretary/Clerk:  Debbie Hudson
  • Member At Large:  Steve Falgout
  • Education:  Vacant
  • Worship:  Vacant
  • Parish Life:  Ruth Sharp
  • Ecumenical/Outreach:  Sandy Shelby


Appointed positions:

  • Pastoral Care: Vacant , Donna Richards, Steve Falgout
  • Pastoral Relations:  Lee Eddy, Sherry Turner, Sue Berry
  • UCC Delegates:  Southern CA Conf & Southern Assoc:  Donna Richards
  • DOC Delegates:  Pacific SW Regional & District 8 delegates -- (vacant)


Many thanks to the outgoing Church Council of 2018 including Rick Hayden, Dennis Wolfe, Sherian Sencer, Kerry Keester-Wellman, & Holly Rolfe