About United Church of the Valley

United Church of the Valley is a congregation that was chartered in 1993 where we strived to be a works-oriented, progressive witness in the Murrieta area. Our  people come from all over the inland valley, including places like Fallbrook, Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, and Hemet. We do not believe you need a big sanctuary or elaborate facilities to serve God and to be a people of faith on a journey together. We currently set up for worship every Sunday at the Temecula Masonic Center, an independent organization from whom we rent. In addition to weekly worship, our core ministries are:


  • A global partnership with the village of Chacraseca, Nicaragua. We fund various projects, from music programs to clean water infrastructure. We do a yearly mission trip with our partner to build a home and run a week-long music camp.
  • Local ministries including supporting a local food pantry, providing school supplies for foster children, and blessing bags for the homeless
  • Music ministries including adult choir and hand bell choir.
  • Spiritual formation group that meets weekly.


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United Church of the Valley is a Progressive Church.

What does that mean?

Progressive Christianity is a form of Christianity which is characterized by a willingness to question tradition, acceptance of human diversity, a strong emphasis on social justice and care for the poor and the oppressed and environmental stewardship of the Earth. Progressive Christians have a deep belief in the centrality of the instruction to "love one another" (John 15:17) within the teaching of Jesus Christ. This leads to a focus on promoting values such as compassion, justice, mercy, tolerance, often through activism. Progressive Christians tend to focus on issues of social justice, rather than proselytizing efforts to convert others.

The characteristics of Progressive Christianity can be summarized as:

  • A spiritual vitality and expressiveness, including participatory  worship as well as a variety of spiritual rituals and practices such
  • Intellectual integrity including a willingness to question
  • An affirmation of human diversity
  • An affirmation of the Christian faith with a simultaneous sincere respect for other faiths

                        The Community House

The Community House (TCH) is our center of operations and is located in Historic Downtown Murrieta -- across from the US Post Office.  The blue and white building houses our offices and is filled with a variety of activities during the week including 12-step meetings, GLBT gatherings, and Scout meetings.