Hurricane Harvey Relief


I know all our thoughts and prayers are with all those being impacted by hurricane Harvey. If you are thinking of making a donation toward the relief effort and want to know where to send funds where 100% goes to the relief, you might want to consider sending a check to Week of Compassion. This is a program run by the Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ that provides relief efforts to disasters across the globe. I witnessed first-hand the swift response and the wonderful way they worked with other local groups that had already mobilized when I was in the path of the firestorm that hit San Diego County in 2007. They came, assessed the needs and within a couple of days had provided financial support to the local groups that were managing the thousands of people who were displaced.   One other guarantee that these funds are in good hands—the amazing Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold, who served as UCVs interim minister for two years, is now serving as one of the directors of Week of Compassion.


We will be taking a collection for Week of Compassion for Harvey Response during worship this Sunday, and we will continue to accept donations for the next few weeks.  Checks can be payable to either UCV or Week of Compassion with the memo “Harvey Relief” and UCV will be sure your donation is passed on to Week of Compassion.

You can also send checks, payable to “Week of Compassion” marked "Harvey Response" in the memo line (or something to that effect) to: 

Week of Compassion, PO Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN 46206


100% of your donation will go to relief and recovery efforts.


An update about Rev. Caroline and her husband Jeremy whom you may know moved back to Texas a couple of years ago.  They recently moved to Houston!  Caroline has been in Missouri coordinating some relief work in Missouri due to another recent emergency there.  Jeremy is with his parents.  Caroline says their neighbor has been sending periodic photo updates and so far their house is fine.

Spend Sunday mornings with a church that shares your values!

Come as you are!! We are a casual church and we are more interested in you than what you might be wearing.  Also, you are welcome to sit wherever your heart desires.  We feel we are the best kept secret in the Valley.


United Church of the Valley values spiritual growth, education, environmental harmony, inclusion, interfaith understanding and social justice because we believe we are called to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ in the present age. We listen for the voice of a still speaking God and in all things seek to understand the will of a just and loving God.


Children are invited to Sunday School and a play area for our youngest allows parents to still participate in the service.  After worship, join us for refreshments and conversation so we can all get to know each other better.


We are proud to say you will find all types of people at UCV:  dedicated leaders, faithful followers, questioning hearts, lost sheep, and vibrant, imaginative personalities. UCV is not a place for spectators!  It is a place for team members.  We want you to be part of our amazing church community  Learn, serve and grow with UCV!

Where we worship...

At UCV, we understand that a church is a group of people, not a building. We are a congregation that has worshipped in several buildings since our founding, seeking facilities that suit our present needs. Currently, we worship at the Temecula Masonic Center, 27895 Diaz Rd, (the white building with a blue awning) across from the Temecula DMV. (Enter in back from side street, Via Dos Picos.) Doors open at 9 a.m., worship begins at 10 a.m. and all are invited to stay for fellowship afterward, around 11 a.m.

Statement of Affirmation


We, the congregation of United Church of the Valley, Murrieta, declare ourselves to be Open and Affirming.  As such, we strive to be a congregation that welcomes all persons, regardless of age; mental and physical health and ability; racial, ethnic, and cultural identity or background; economic, educational, and social status; sexual orientation, gender identity and its expression; marital status and family structure; or faith background.


We welcome all to share in the life and leadership, ministry, fellowship, worship, sacraments, stewardship, blessings and joys of our congregation's life in Christ.


As an Open and Affirming congregation we are called to continue the work of Jesus Christ... seeking ways to love and understand all people... establishing the ways of peace, hope, healing, and justice. No matter where you are on life's jouney, you AND your questions are welcome here.

Open and Affirming

*Where love and hope live*

Statement of Purpose

We believe that we are called to continue the work of Jesus Christ in this world through teaching and preaching the love of God, seeking ways to love and understand all people and establishing the ways of peace, hope, healing and justice.

Our faith is progressive in accomplishing these tasks in cooperation with any and all who seek the same goals for this world.

UCV Facebook Group!

Be sure to check out our Facebook group, where you can meet other members of UCV online, post questions, announcements, news, pictures and more. We strive to be a church with open communication where everybody is invited to participate.